Certificate Of Authenticity

UNITED STATES law requires that a manufacturer or supplier of jewelry be able to certify that its jewelry complies with the lead and cadmium restrictions in the Metal-Containing Jewelry law. More specifically, a manufacturer or supplier of jewelry sold or offered for sale in UNITED STATES must either provide the certification to a person selling or offering to sell that jewelry or display the certification prominently on the shipping container or packaging of the jewelry.

Most jewelry retailers online will not offer jewelry certificate of authenticity. WE DO!


VALUE of $150

Please see the sample of certification wording. Each certificate will be under your name, address and appraised 3 times paid value for replacement value.

A Jewelry certificate is a report that attests to the authenticity of a Karat in Jewelry. It is a reliable and accurate statement of the KARAT and GRADE based on an internationally recognized system. The grade or quality of the JEWELRY is based on the: KARAT RATE .WEIGHT Of Jewelry ,COLOR, GRADE 14 KARAT, 10 Karat Gold, 18 Karat Gold Or PLATINUM 950. We stand behind our jewelry. America's #1 CzJewelry. CZJEWELRY.COM